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Dr. Desiree brought my retired racehorse back to life! He seemed just "off" for a while and vets couldn't find anything wrong with him so we chalked it up to his age and less activity. He didn't seem interested in being ridden or put to pasture. After one adjustment he came to life! He has more light in his eyes and wants to be ridden and even has more spring in his step! I'm so grateful to have my partner back!



My approximately 10 year old dog Buddy was having a lot of trouble with his hind legs. His left leg has been bothering him since it fell into a sewer grate while chasing a squirrel a couple years ago. He recently fell on the ice making his problems much worse. His legs were sliding out from under him (splits) and then he couldn't get back up. When standing his legs would start to sink, like they couldn't hold his weight. He was also having a lot of trouble with stairs. My vet said he was nearing end of life. One treatment with Dr Desi and he's in better shape than he's been in in over a year. The adjustment not only helped Buddy regain the full use of his back legs, his eyes are now clearer and his energy has improved. I'm so relieved!
I found Dr Desi thru her partner who is a human chiropractor. He's great too!



Starting out Valentino Joseph Anthony was a 17 1/2 year old elderly dog.   Now, he acts like a puppy in so many areas all thanks to you!   
He accompanies  me where ever I go.  In department stores he will stay to the left of the cart and many times he would would lie down slowly in pain or discomfort!   Usually I just lay the leash on the cart or it falls on the floor next to him as It's not an issue as he always stays put!   There is no need to even give him a command to do so.
The past few days he would stand for lengthy periods of time.  We were at World Market at the very end of a long day.   Instead of staying put he continuously distracted me! This time I actually had to discipline him and attempted to calm him down the whole entire time!   I never had to do that even while he was getting trained!  The leash kept getting wrapped around both of us as he was moving and wiggling in so many directions!  I could barely contain him!   He also made everyone in the store so happy as when I turned my back he left me to say "hello"  This time I received complements on how spunky and cheery he is, especially when I shared his age and how he has a tumor taking up over 90% of his liver!  It was surprising and funny at the same time!    As he hasn't been that friendly in years when we were out and about.   
This time I just kept laughing out of astonishment!    He has also has been eating more as that has been a huge concern which I am very pleased about.  He's a very happy happy doggy!



Dr Draws has helped me with my 16 year old dog that’s had problems standing and walking straight. She came over on short notice after Abbie wasn’t feeling well. The positive results were pretty immediate and Abbie is doing well today because of the treatments!


-Brian and Stacey

We have a 3 year old Boston Terrier that is very active with lots of running and hiking daily. As part of our desire to keep him healthy we reached out to Desiree for a structural assessment and adjustment. Desiree demonstrated an ability to build a rapport with him immediately and got to know him by playing fetch while we talked about his history. During his examination she noticed that his pelvis and surrounding muscles were tight and could benefit from an adjustment near his hind legs, which made sense to us given the amount of running he does daily. Buster did not appear to have any discomfort with the gentle adjustment and we have noticed that his gait is more even and balanced when running or even walking through the house. Overall, his structure appears more fluid. Desiree offered practical advice for maintaining the adjustment and recommended seasonal work to ensure he ages soundly. We highly recommend her and are glad she has become a resource in our dog's long-term care! 



Desiree really helped my 13 year old lab with chiropractic care and her expertise.  She goes above and beyond in that she not only does the adjustment but also gives you homework/exercises to help further improve the issue/condition.



Problem: My guy, Tadhg (Teeg), who is a 150lb-10 yr old Irish Wolfhound, was having pretty major issues getting up and down each day.  He’d gotten to the point where I worried about even getting him into my car to take him for any treatment.

Solution: I found Dr. Desi, who will come to your home and adjust your dog! This was a godsend for Tadhg and me! He loved her instantly.  Dr. Desi visits Tadhg now 1x or 2x a month over the past 3 months.

The Result: I have a Wolfie who does not act much like he is over 10 yrs old! He plays with his toys like he hasn’t in years! He runs with his dog friends out the door! I am so grateful we connected with Dr. Desi.  I’ve told all of my friends and family what a huge difference getting chiropractic adjustments for Tadhg has made to our quality of life ❤️.

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