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Dr. Desiree Draws is a chiropractor with a license in human and animal chiropractic. Her love of animals began when as a child growing up in a small rural town in Wisconsin. During her childhood she loved taking care of as many animals as possible, from tadpoles to hermit crabs, mice, iguanas, cats, and pet sitting all the neighbors dogs and farm animals. One of her favorite jobs was working at Webshire Kennels, assisting in training dogs for obedience and bird hunting. 
That love of animals took her to UW–River Falls for her bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with a Pre-Veterinary major and Equine Emphasis.Her internship at a surgical clinic directed her to want to interact with animals when she could see the benefits of her work.

Why the turn to chiropractic? Throughout undergrad she suffered from recurring migraines which that could not be resolved with medication. A friend lead her to chiropractic and she discovered the body’s amazing potential to heal itself when functioning properly, all without medication. This opened Desiree’s eyes to a whole new world of no more migraines and an overall improved quality of life now with an opened mind to the power of the body's natural power
She attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2013 where she earned her doctorate of chiropractic. While attending Palmer, Desiree double enrolled at Healing Oasis Wellness Center in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. Healing Oasis is the only Animal Chiropractic program accredited by the US Dept of Education. It is a rigorous 226 hours post doctorate program with a heavy emphasis on functional neurology.      

“I had always wanted to be a veterinarian to help save the lives of animals whose health was in need of care. When I discovered chiropractic for myself and realized how amazing the body is and how chiropractic can help release the body’s optimum potential I knew it was the career for me! I knew I did not want to stop just at human chiropractic because I wanted to be able to help all living creatures live at their optimum health. It is an honor to learn under Dr. Rivera and I thank him frequently for the continued support and knowledge. I feel so grateful to be able to have the  tools to help people and animals live happier, healthier, pain-free lives every day and I strive to continue learning and reaching as many lives as I can every day of my life.”

Now living in Littleton, Colorado Dr. Desi services animals full time through her own mobile practice throughout the whole Front Range area. Her education continues exploring subjects such as Applied Kinesiology, Reiki, Access Consciousness, Chinese Medicine, Structural Integration, and Masterson Method, and more.

On a person note: Dr Desi spends her free time with her own animals: horse Sage (top middle), cats Reggie and Lola (top left), and dog, Larz (top right). She loves to stay active with Muay Thai training, snowboarding, going hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, disc golfing, camping, site seeing, playing volleyball, and  spending time in nature.

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