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Discover the amazing potential of 100% life! Silver Lining Animal Chiropractic is the place to help provide the optimal potential of life to your pets! Through the hands of Dr. Desiree Draws your animals will have the opportunity to experience life with more motion, improved function, and a better quality of life!


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We Come To You!
Providing in-home chiropractic care to your furry friends of all sizes from Lafayette to Parker!


Neck and shoulder adjustment with 21 year old Appaloosa, Sage

Full spine adjustment of 10 year old boxer, Stella


Dr Draws has helped me with my 16 year old dog that’s had problems standing and walking straight. She came over on short notice after Abbie wasn’t feeling well. The positive results were pretty immediate and Abbie is doing well today because of the treatments!



We have a 3 year old Boston Terrier that is very active with lots of running and hiking daily. As part of our desire to keep him healthy we reached out to Desiree for a structural assessment and adjustment. Desiree demonstrated an ability to build a rapport with him immediately and got to know him by playing fetch while we talked about his history. During his examination she noticed that his pelvis and surrounding muscles were tight and could benefit from an adjustment near his hind legs, which made sense to us given the amount of running he does daily. Buster did not appear to have any discomfort with the gentle adjustment and we have noticed that his gait is more even and balanced when running or even walking through the house. Overall, his structure appears more fluid. Desiree offered practical advice for maintaining the adjustment and recommended seasonal work to ensure he ages soundly. We highly recommend her and are glad she has become a resource in our dog's long-term care!

Brian and Stacey


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